Hey Guys! Its Kavish from CapsTricks.net back with How to Get Personal Assistant/Wikipedia in What’sApp. As everyone know What’sApp is king of instant messaging apps, no matter how many competitors growing every day, whatsapp still famous among people. Google allo is fresh competitor, having lots of new feature. One of the most attractive features is Google assistant which can do many things for you like hotel booking, Goolge searching etc. So I thought, let’s add a new feature on What’sApp. So, Let’s see how it works!


       How to Get Assistant/Wikipedia


1. I don’t need to say that whatsapp must be installed in your phone. First create a new contact with-

  • Name – Assistant Divya
  • Number – 8015984514
  1. Open What’sApp and create a New Group & add only Assistant Divya. Name this group with Assistant or Search Engine. Since it is your private assistant so don’t add other people on this group.
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3. Once the group has been created, your Search Wikipedia/Assistant is ready. You will also receive a detail message from assistant.




Search Engine -> Simply, write a message, “Search <your topic>”. For Ex. – Search James Bond.

Wikipedia -> “Wiki <your topic>”. For Ex. – Wiki Usain Bolt.

Dictionary -> “+dict <your topic>”. For Ex. – +dict astonishingly.

To Play Quiz ->  +gk

To Join Cricket/Football Channel -> +cricket & +football


There are many more Codes which the assistant will show you when you make a group with it.

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