How to Get Instant Approval From Google Adsense For Website


Hello friends, welcome to Top Trending Tech, today we will talk about how to get instant approval from Google Adsense for website. Friends I know all of you are facing Google Adsense approval problems. But friends this problem also is faced by me many times. Hence in today’s article I will clear your all doubts about Google Adsense and I will tell you some secret tips and tips for getting fast approval for your website.

How to get instant approval from Google Adsense for your website:


1) You must have a custom domain.
You must have 1 month old own domain like .com, .in, .net, etc. So, that there is a possibility to get adsense approval fast.

2) Make a custom email for your website.
You should have an custom email of your website like You can may your custom email from zoho mail.

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3) Add important pages.
Create pages like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc., these are minor pages but these pages plays an important role in Adsense approval. In About Us page give details about your website. Make Contact Us page and fill your contact details carefully. Disclaimer and Privacy Policy are the most important pages hence make them carefully.

4) Use responsive template for your website.
Use responsive template for your website because the approval is 70% depends upon your design and structure. Edit your template effectively and clearly. Add subscribe widget, share widget for attraction. Use attractive logo and favicon for your website.

5) You have 10-15 articles.
Content is a main part of your Adsense approval. Write at least 10-15 high quality articles. Do not use copied content from another sites. Develop your own content. Insert some link in your post by Alt+text. Every minor thing matters here. Examine each and every thing in the website before applying for Adsense.

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6) Do not use copyrighted images in your posts.
Do not use copyrighted images in your website and post, create your own image and add it in your website or post. Create an attractive thumbnail for your post.

7) Apply for Adsense
If the blog is Tech, Health and some other, then just follow up to now what I have mentioned above. But, if the blog is about binary trade, need to add binary trade related privacy policy and little changes should be done.
I suggest you, people, not to apply adsense for religion related blogs, Education sites which contain a number of links.

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How to apply for Google Adsense

If all work done then open a new gmail account (Use can your old Adsense account for apply) and then go to My Ads> Other Products and insert your website url and click on submit. Then copy the code and insert it below the <head> in your website. Then click on finish, Done. Wait for 3-7 days for approval. As now some Adsense policies are changed and made strong we need to wait for some more days. If you got approval then insert your ads and earn money!!!

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