Android Oreo is one of the best Android updates in years. It brought many interesting updates like the picture in picture mode, battery optimizations and improvements for notifications. However, many users did not like the change in the theme which was changed to light from dark.

For that users, we have found out a method to change default light theme to dark theme on Android Oreo without rooting your phone. Please note that this method requires a purchase of about $2 and if you don’t want to spend it you must have to root your smartphone.

This method involves USB debugging so you also need a computer to debug. Follow these steps to change your Android Oreo theme to a custom theme.

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Method for Installing custom dark theme on Android Oreo smartphone with Substratum

1. Download Substratum Theme Engine from Play Store

Substratum Theme engine is a framework for themes which will be used to change overlays of the UI.

Download Substratum Theme Engine

2. Download Andromeda Add-on

Andromeda add-on is not free and will require purchase from play store. This add-on will be used to change overlay settings from backend without rooting your device. If you have rooted the device you will not need this add-on and you can directly use Andromeda.

Download andromeda ★ substratum stock rootless backend 8.0+ (Unreleased)

3. Download Andromeda Desktop Client

According to your Desktop operating system download desktop client from here.

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4. Enable USB Debugging

Open settings on your phone and head over to System >> About Phone >> and tap 7 times on build number so your developer options are unlocked. Now you can see developer option in the system menu. Turn on USB Debugging from Developer option and your phone is ready.

5. Find a Suitable Theme

Open up play store and search for Substratum themes and you will get some free and paid themes for your phone. I will use here BalticUI which is great. I will also link down some more themes you can try.

Download BalticUI

6. Connect your Smartphone to Desktop

After connecting the phone check that you have notification of USB Debugging is enabled and then Launch andromeda Desktop client and follow steps shown in the client.

7. Check Connection status

Open Andromeda app and check whether your phone is connected to Andromeda desktop client or not. You will see something like this:

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andromeda desktop client

8. Apply Theme

Open Substratum app and select BalticUI (Or whichever you want). You can choose now in which apps you want to change overlay. For the first time choose all overlay and tap on Build and enable from Floating button menu. Your Theme settings will be applied instantly to all of the apps. I chose BalticUI because it has a beautiful dark theme on Android Oreo.


How to Reset Substratum Theme?

If you don’t like any theme and want to go back to default theme head over to recovery tap and click on theme option and disable all your overlays. It will recover your default theme. If your default theme does not apply instantly restart your device once you will get your default theme.
Another way of doing this is through Overlay Manager, listed as manager in tab menu. Check all the overlays of you want to remove all the overlays or you can remove independent overlays one by one too.

substratum theme reset


Mixing Up Substratum Themes

Android is all about customizations which users prefer. You can use multiple themes on different overlays by selecting only that overlays on theme menu. That gives you more options for customizations of your smartphone.

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More Substratum Themes

Install Android Oreo Themes without Substratum

The substratum is a great app for enabling multiple overlays in Android Oreo and has quite a lot awesome paid and free themes available the play store. However, for non-root users, it is not free and you have to pay for andromeda add-on. This method will only work on stock Android smartphones like Pixel, Mi A1, Nokia 6 etc.

We have found another simple and yet effective alternative to the Substratum theme Engine. In this method, you just have to install theme APKs and you are good to go.

Download Themes for Android Oreo

After Downloading Themes from MediaFire install 2-3 Theme APK on your smartphone and then open display settings from settings app. In advanced section, you can see a new option Device Theme click on it and choose a theme which you had installed earlier.

Mi a1 themes

To remove any theme from your phone just uninstall it from the apps menu and to switch back to default theme just choose the stock theme.