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If you haven’t seen my previous post on password protecting files, find it here.

In this post we are going to learn how to regain access to a windows account which we forgot the password of. This method will work on any windows 7,8,10 PC. This is for educational purpose only, don’t use this for any other illegal activities.

At the end of this tutorial you will come to know how  to change the password of a user which we forgot the password of and will successfully log on into your computer without re installing your OS.


To successfully get access to your account you need an installation file of the windows you use.

You need an ISO image of the windows or Windows installation CD which contains windows installation file to continue.

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Without this you cannot continue.


  1. First, start by booting your OS installation.
  2. If you know how to boot OS from startup then skip to step 10 or follow steps 3 to 9.
  3. First create a bootable USB flash drive with the Windows ISO file. IF you have windows OS in a CD skip this step.
  4. Insert the CD or USB flash drive.
  5. Turn of your PC/Laptop.
  6. Power on your computer.
  7. Press the boot menu key. To know the boot menu key of your manufacturer see the below list.
ManufactureBoot Menu Key
SonyF11/Esc/F10/assist button
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  1. These are some common manufacturers and their boot menu keys. Find the correct key and press it.
  2. Select USB-HDD/CD-DVD Drive
  3. Now the windows setup will begin.
  4. Once the setup starts press shift+F10
  5. This will open the command prompt.
  6. In that type the following commands (This will switch the Ease of access application with command prompt, we need to revert this later)
  • copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\
  • copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
  • Yes
  • wpeutil reboot
  1. Computer will restart now.
  2. Now the same logon screen will open.
  3. Now we are going to change the password.
    1. Select the icon  in the login screen. (Windows 7 – in the left corner, Windows 10/8 – in the  right corner)easeaccess
    2. Command prompt will open
    3. Type net user and press enter
    4. It will show all the user listrecover password
    5. Here sangesh is the user name.
    6. Type net user username password (example: net user sangesh P@ssw0rd)
    7. Now the password of the user sangesh is changed to P@ssw0rd.
    8. Now you can use this password to login.
  4. After this you need to go back to the windows setup and open command prompt. And type the following
    1. copy c:\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe
    2. yes
    3. wpeutil reboot
  5. This will revert the settings to original. Now you can login in to your computer with the new password.
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That’s it for now guys, will catch up soon with a new tutorial…