How to remove sun Tan Instantly Natural remedies – Home remedies for sun tan


Suntan or Sun tan is very bad, it makes us look ugly and dark. But here is the home remedies for sun tan. Here I will tell you how to remove sun tan home remedies, using this natural care method. It is the safe method to get rid of sun tan of hands.

Why sun tan  happens?

“Sun radiation or UV  is the cause for tan. The UV rays of sun penetrates lower epidermis of our skin, which activates the melanocytes cells to produce melanin. Melanin is brown in colour which stops burning of skin.”

Is  sun tan good for health?

The answer is NO. Tanning is not good for health because tanning can damage your cells due to UV rays and  tanning takes in few minutes.

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How we look with tanned skin?

home remedies for sun tan
Haha, that’s true we look like above  picture when we are tanned.


What is the home remedies for sun tan of hands?

sun tan can be removed easily at home using this simple home remedies for sun tan. Then,

How to remove sun tan at home?

  1. First of all you need to take a small bowl or small cup to put the ingredients.
  2. Add 1Tb (table-spoon) of Maida flour or Cake flour.
  3. 1Tb of rice powder, if don’t have rice powder then just grind little amount of grind  rice.
  4. Multani Mitti of 1tb.
  5. Now add all the ingredients mentioned above (steps from 2 to 4).
  6. Add little amount of milk  while mixing the ingredients until it becomes a thick paste.
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Now your sun tan cream is ready.

How to apply Sun tan home remedies cream?

  • After making a thick paste of it, apply with your hands or take help of others to apply cream on your hands.
  • Now wait for 30 minutes and then wash off the paste with normal or cold water.
  • Wipe the water with dry cloth.
  • Take a small cotton, dip in milk and in baking soda and apply on your skin.
  • wait for two minutes and wash off.
  • Never ever rub your skin with anything because it cause the skin burning and other issues.
  • If you have any skin irritation or if you have sensitive skin then apply alovera  gel on it.
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If you have any irritation on your skin then please contact Doctors or go to hospital to prevent further damages.

We can’t  guarantee how this remedies affects you and we are not responsible for your damages. So try this at your own risk. 

We have given you a simple, quick home remedies for sun tan. hope it works for you.

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