How to run Windows 10 from any pendrive {Windows to Go}


heyaa guyss nack and this time something awesome to learn about your pc Ever thought to make live windows usb same like you can make of linux yep thats true now you can make with this simple trick so without wasting time lets get started



2)Rufus you can download it from here

3)Most important windows iso file


STEP BY STEP-How to run Windows 10 from any pendrive {Windows to Go}

1)Open rufus which downloaded up and attach your pendrive to your pc

2)Now select the device and windows 10 iso the same way give in picture 

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3)Now select windows to go option which appeared and then start. 

4)It will ask for format so do and the process will start after some time your usb will be ready just then plug into any pc and boot it using bios thats it

first time boot/installing files on usb can take time so be patient


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