How To Use Freedom Apk(free android purchases)


Freedom APK 1.0.8 is a tool through which you can hack into games. It helps you to get unlimited gold, coins, lives and elixir. Freedom APK allows you to modify and alter game files. It is a must have app for hardcore gamers. Freedom APK is very easy to use and provides excellent functionality across various Android devices. Its ease of use is what makes it so popular amongst gamers these days.
Freedom APK 1.0.8 is developed by Russian hackers Zond80 and Madkite. Using Freedom APK, you can hack into Google Play’s In-App Purchases. Using Freedom APK allows you to download Android apps and games extension for free without even spending a penny.


Before we move on to, How to use Freedom APK 1.0.8 let’s download the app first. You can download the app from one of the below download links. The provided APK’s are malware free and work flawlessly across a wide range of Android smartphones. The APK’s are gathered from a trusted and reliable sources, thus ensuring the ingenuity of the app.
After you have downloaded the app, we can move on to the installation process and How to use Freedom APK.

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Make sure that your android device is rooted before you install the app. The app solely works on Rooted Android units currently. If your device is not rooted, you can use a simple tool like KingRoot to root your device, without having any technical knowledge about the subject. The app does not function on Non-rooted devices.
Here is a detailed explanation about How to install and use freedom apk 1.0.8

#1. Download Freedom APK 1.0.8 from one of the above download links.
#2. Go to settings menu and enable installation of apps from Unknown Sources.
#3. Click on the download Freedom APK file to install it.


Note – Make sure you have Unknown Sources and USB Debugging enabled.

#4. The app will get installed in few seconds.
#5. After successful installation, make sure you do not open the app.
#6. Turn on Flight Mode.
#7. Go to Settings -> Date and Time and uncheck the Automatic Update Date and Time option.
#7. Scroll below in the settings menu and you will find an option below to change your timezone.
#8. Change your timezone to Moscow GMT +4:00.
#9. Turn on your Wi-FI or 3G.
#10. Open freedom Apk 1.0.8 and wait for 2-3 minutes until the app initializes itself and finishes displaying the “Please Wait” message.
#11. Once the app is initialized, it will show you a comprehensive list of all installed apps on your smartphone.
#12. Click on the game you want to hack and wait until Freedom Apk finishes its process. If the app keeps on showing “Reloading AK47” messages, just stay calm. It does not mean anything.
#13. The game should open by itself now, and you will be able to buy unlimited coins, gold, elixir, and lives.
That’s it! Now you can follow the same steps from step #9 to hack into any game.

Freedom APK 1.0.8 does not work with all games currently, as game developers have updated their apps and changed the In-App Purchases to server side which makes it somewhat impossible to hack. However, still a wide range of apps and games are supported.

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Final Words

I hope you liked the article on How to use Freedom APK 1.0.8. Young and teen gamers have found an option to hack into In-App purchases of games and get unlimited benefits of it. If you have issues or problems while installing or running the app, feel free to comment your issue, and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.


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