Spotify is the most popular music app in the world but sadly it is not available in India yet. Spotify is premium music which allows us to listen to music and podcasts. Spotify is popular because its app is so beautiful and you can listen to high-quality music without any ads. Spotify has the largest library of music from all over the world. Here is guide to how to use Spotify in India.

spotify in India

As they say, art and music should have no boundaries why should we can not use Spotify in India. You can use Spotify in India if you have activated your account from the US or any other country where Spotify is available.

Hence, we just need a VPN of any country where Spotify is available(like US) for sign up process, after sign up you can use Spotify anywhere in the world.


How to use Spotify in India on android smartphone

Before we start we need an email address and a VPN service which allows network from US.

  1. Download Spotify app apk from APKMirror.
  2. Open up your VPN app and connect to US server.
  3. Install Spotify app on your phone and hit the sign up button.
  4. Enter your email address and password and fill up other personal details.
  5. Hurray, now you can use Spotify on your android smartphone in India
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Note: VPN is only needed for the sign-up process and you can later use it on your default network.

You need to sign up for another email address after 14 days trial but this is not much problem because they do not verify any email address. So, you can use any email address to use use spotify.

Hit comment if you come across any problem to use Spotify in India and share this post with your music loving friends if you liked it.

How to use Spotify in India on Windows and Mac

Spotify has also windows and Mac-book app so you can also enjoy music on your laptop or Desktop. Follow this steps to use Spotify on windows.

  1. Install any VPN extension for your browser and choose country USA.
  2. Head over to the Spotify website and create your account.
  3. Download the desktop client from the website and install it.
  4. Log in with your username and password you created on the website.
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Now play whichever music you want on your pc speakers.

If you have logged on your pc and mobile with the same account you can control music from both of the apps and you remotely play music on speakers of your laptop or pc.

How to use Spotify in India on iPhone and iPad

Downloading Spotify app in iPhone and iPad is tricky because we cannot ins an all app through a package like in android. Apps can only be installed through App store and Spotify is not available in Indian app store. For downloading Spotify app you should have a US Apple ID and if you don’t have one just log out from your Apple ID then register again with any spare email and choose country US.

After installing Spotify app you can log out of your spare Apple ID and switch to your original ID. Steps after installing are the same as we have seen in above processes. You have registered a new account in Spotify app with using VPN from the US.

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If you still facing problems then you can tell us in commets, we will try to help you to how to use spotify in India.

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