Jio 4G Phone Reality Exposed & Latest Leaks of Jio 4G Phone


In today’s aricle we will talk about ‘Jio 4G Phone Reality Exposed & Latest Leaks of Jio 4G Phone’. At the annual meeting last year, Reliance officially started the Jio 4G VoLTE services for the Indian market. After capturing smartphone users with its 4G VoLTE services, today, in its 40th AGM meeting, the company announced the 4G VoLTE supported feature phone to take feature phone users, which was called Jio phone. In the first six months of its official launch, Jio 4G has more than 100 million subscribers. After coming to the Jio phone market, we can expect these numbers to increase. When we think of Jio, there will be many complex situations, and with Jio phone, there are a lot of questions to answer.

Below, you can find the answers for most of the questions around the JioPhone and its new Rs 153 plan. We will be updating the list when we get to know other details.


Some FAQ About Jio 4G Phone

Q.1) When & Where to Pre-order Jio 4G Phone?
The device will already be available for beta testing from August 15, and you should not expect to get a Jio 4G phone quickly. However, you can pre-book device through MyJio App and Jio retailers from August 24th. It will be available from the beginning of September and the first mention is to be sold on the basis of service. Therefore, outside the Reliance Digital and Geo retail outlets, we expect large lines which we saw during the initial launch of the Joe 4G SIM. The company has promised to prepare at least 5 lakh units every week.

Q.2) What is the price of Jio 4G Phone?

Jio 4G phone has been asked to do the cost of 0 rupees in a cost effective manner, but users will get Rs. 1,500 While the deposit is 100% refundable, the device should be recharged every three months. After the 3 year period mentioned 1,500 back. Even if it costs Rs. 1,500, you are receiving a decent feature phone that will become mostly secondary phones.

Q.3) Jio 4G Phone has Wi-Fi hotspot service?

According to our special source, Jio 4G phone will have 4-6 different models, and none of these models are Wi-Fi connectivity. However, snapdragon SOC powered Jio 4G phone comes with Wi-Fi hotspot options. The initial units, which will go on sale in September, will miss the hotspot option, but will be enabled through software update later.

Q.4) 4G phone has Dual SIM support?

Although there is no official confirmation about the support of Dual SIM on Jio 4G phone, the version of the one we tested comes with two SIM card slots, the primary SIM card slot will be locked for the Jio 4G network, and secondary slots can be for other networks such as Airtel, Idea, or Vodafone.

Q.5) Which apps can be used on Jio 4G phone?

Jio 4G phone, Jio Cinema, Jio Music, and Jio TV are pre-loaded with the Jio Suite. The device also includes the Prime Minister’s Namo App with Youtube and Facebook, by the end of this year, we also expect to see the Whatsapp app for the Jio 4G phone.

Q.6) What is Jio 4G Phone TV-Cable Support?

Jio 4G phone supports screen mirroring, which means that you can view content directly from your phone on your TV. While the smartphone comes with wireless screen mirroring, Jio 4G phone users will have to buy a separate cable to view content from their phone on the big screen. Users will also have to choose the option of rupees 309 plans are planning to stream more than 153 schemes with their Jio 4G phone.

Q.7) How is the camera quality on the JioPhone?

Since Jio 4G phone will be available in 4-6 different models, therefore all models will not come with a selfie camera. Even a feature featuring the selfie camera will come mostly with VGA cameras.

Q. 8) What is Rs 153 Unlimited plan of Jio with Jio 4G phone?

The new plan of Rs 153, announced with Jio 4G phone, is available only for Jio 4G phone users. It comes with validity of 28 days and includes unlimited calling and 4G data. However, unlimited 4G data is limited to full speed of only 500 MB, and later this speed is limited to 128 Kbps. Users also get full access to Jio app like Jio Music, Jio TV, and Jio Cinema.

Q.9) What is the differences between Rs 153 & Rs 309 Jio 4G phone plans?

Both the Rs 153 and Rs 309 plans are exclusive to the Jio 4G phone, and they come with 28 days of validity. While the Rs 153 has a FUP limit of 500MB per day, the Rs 309 plan comes with 1GB per day limit. The voice calls and SMS are free with both the plans. The Rs 309 plan additionally comes with screen mirroring support which isn’t available for Rs 153 plan.

Q.10) How to make NFC payments with Jio 4G Phone?

Jio 4G phone has advanced NFC support for mobile payments, but it will be enabled later with a software update later this year. Users can associate their UPI, public funds and bank accounts with debit and credit cards. Samsung has already launched a similar service which has been given the name in India on Samsung and works only with high-end Galaxy smartphones.

Q.11) How to activate SOS mode on Jio 4G phone?

Jio has mentioned the button 5 on the keypad will work as a panic button on Jio 4G Phone. The user has to long-press it for a few seconds to activate the SOS mode and the device automatically calls 112 emergency number and sends the emergency alert to pre-selected contacts with GPS location.

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