jio new plans of september 2017 and jio future plans

➤➤Welcome friends, I will tell you today on this blog about an application which removes unwanted items from photos. Friends, when we take a photo many times, there are some things thatwe do not like at all. Whether or not, by taking photographs many times, there is some unhealthy thing in our background that we do not want that things come in our photo, If you go to edit in

Photoshop, it takes a lot of time, but today I will tell you about an application Reliance Jio is trying to increase its 4G phones along with customers, and for this the company has started preparing to give

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users more affordable plans, Reliance is trying its best to connect customers with them. But the companies of Airtel Vodafone and Idea are engaged in giving full competition to JIO. Let me tell you

that recently a customer in Mumbai had claimed that his device Airtel is getting VoLTE service. People are believed that the company can launch it soon. Airtel has already announced that it will be

a live test in some cities across the country. It is also coming out that the Indian Telecom company Airtel is going to launch a new phone in the market to compete with the price of which can be worth

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2500 rupees, it can be launched next month in Diwali this Airtel’s 4G Bile, which will work on Android and with this many new offers are being reported to all customers, Vodafone and Idea too

can launch good offers very quickly, the country’s second and third largest telecom company The company can offer good offers in partnership with the smartphone companies; For example, if you

talk about a offer in Vodafone, who also buys Nokia’s phone, 9 GB Data will be given Now it is felt that Airtel can make its offer cheap to compete with Vodafone and Idea JIO and provide good offers in low rates to people

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