Mirror your android screen to your PC/Laptop


Sometimes, you want to see your Android  screen on your PC. How do you do that?

Well, if you have a rooted smartphone, it’s easy. But if you haven’t rooted your device, there are still some simple ways to get your phone or tablet’s screen to show on your PC or Mac.

Why mirror your screen? There are plenty of reasons. You might be a developer in the middle of coding and want to check your app without having to constantly reach for your phone. You might want to share your pictures on a big screen without uploading them. Or you might need to give a presentation quickly while the projector is connected to a PC.

It might seem like a difficult job, but trust me it isn’t.

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You just need to download an app named “MIRROR GO” which you can get from here.

Steps to configure mirror go-

Step1)  Open the installer and wait for it to install.


Step2) After installing, you will be asked to choose resolution. Then turn on USB debugging. Instructions how to turn on USB debugging-


  1. Android 4.2 or the newer: Enter “Settings > About Phone > Build number” for several times and when you get the note: “You are under developer mode”, you can go back to “Settings > Developer options > USB debugging”.
    2. Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings > Developer option > USB debugging”.
    3. Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”..
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After turning on USB debugging, connect your phone to your PC and wait for MIRROR GO to detect and connect your smartphone automatically. On your phone, you will get an authorization prompt, click on always allow from this computer and click on OK.

screen2         screen3

Step3) Wait for MIRROR GO to connect to your phone. If you get any prompt on your phone while MIRROR GO connects then allow it.

screen4Step4)  After MIRROR GO successfully connects to your device, you will be able to see the screen and also control it from your PC.

To receive LIVE notifications, MIRROR GO will install an app named MIRROR GO on your device.

You guys can take screenshots, transfer files and can even record screens using your PC.

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To connect your smartphone wirelessly, follow these instructions.

step1) First of all make sure your PC and smartphone are connected to same wifi network.

Then open MIRROR GO app on your PC. you will see an option of connecting using USB/WIFI as in the screenshot below.


Click on WIFI and scan the QR code through MIRROR GO app on your phone. And boom, your device is connected.


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