How to Protect Facebook Profile Picture By Profile Picture Guard


Hello friends in today’s article we will learn about ‘How to Protect Facebook Profile Picture By Profile Picture Guard’. There are many people in Facebook who are facing confidentiality problems in comparison to Facebook, especially women, because they fear of misusing their personal photos elsewhere and many other issues. After seeing all these things, the Facebook team has decided to work on privacy and security. And for this, Facebook has presented a profile picture guard. The purpose of security of women and avoid imitation and misuse of photographs.

How to Make Profile Pictures Private on Facebook

I will tell you the easiest ways to lock/guard your Facebook pictures. Users can also create other pictures from their profile picture or from their personal albums, this method will protect your pictures from being used by any third person. Facebook will disable the download option from the image. Therefore, users will not be able to download or your pictures. So, let’s check this method and secure your Facebook pictures.

Steps to make all photos/album private on Facebook

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Now click on the image, where you want to add Facebook profile picture guard.
  • Now, Click on options.
  • Select ”Turn on Profile Picture Guard” from the list.
  • Your Picture will have a Security sign at the bottom and picture will be bordered by a blue line.
  • Now, Click on save.
  • You will see a post on your wall with a text your name ‘protecting his profile picture with profile picture guard’.
Image: Vaibhav Jadhav
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This is the best way to secure your Facebook pictures from the world. This is a very easy and easy way to secure your Facebook pictures. Users can secure their Facebook personal pictures from the rest of the user. It’s a Facebook initiative to protect people’s privacy. I would suggest that you share this method with your friends on Facebook. Protect all your Facebook Pictures.

So, follow the steps and protect your Facebook profile. Hope you like the article ‘How to Change Color of The Folder?’, share it with your friends too! If you have any problem please leave a comment in comment box.

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  1. The Guide in protecting pics is very helpful and effective.I am now pleased.One thing is there any mrthod in protecting all the Timeline a time. THANKS NIRMAL

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