Download Mafia Revenge – Real time PvP for Windows PC and MAC (v1.2.2): Now who all have fantasised about having a life of a gangster? A new game has been launched with the name Mafia Revenge and one of the most appealing aspects of this game is that you get to experience the life of a gangster. This game is all about fast cars, Money, Power, Drugs, and everything else which can be a reason for you having enemies. It is a very straight forward game and you need to shoot down any enemy as soon as you spot them. You also need to snatch away the money, drugs, and weapons from them.

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You can fill your inventories with all the stuff which has a link with the underworld. The main aim of this game is that you need to become the Don of Cali city. This is an online multiplayer game which means you can embark in battles with other real players. You can put them down by pointing a gun towards them before they do anything to harm you. This game has an interesting sequence of events.

For joining the Mafia League, you need to perform tasks which portray your role as someone who is fearless to do anything wrong. Once other gangsters spot you, they will try to recruit you in their league and thus your journey will begin.Today, in this post, we will be telling you how you can easily download and Install Mafia Revenge for your Windows PC or MAC.

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Latest Mafia Revenge – Real time PvP (V1.2.2) Official Google Play Link:

Mafia Revenge - Real-Time PvP

Steps To Install Mafia Revenge for Windows PC and Mac

Download Mafia Revenge – Real time PvP for Windows PC and MAC

  1. Download and Install either BlueStacks or Remix OS Player by going to the links mentioned above.
  2. Once installed, open the file and then open Google Play Store in it.
  3. Now look for Mafia Revenge in Play Store.
  4. Install the game and then open the app drawer or all apps in the emulator.
  5. Now just click on the Mafia Revenge icon for playing it.

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