Samsung Note 7 Refurbished To Be Called Note FE, Launch in July


Samsung is ready to bring it’s Note 7 back to the market, all fixed and missing any possible explosions. The new phone is expected to be called the Galaxy Note FE according to reports and will also include the Bixby assistant, which is yet to get a full release globally.

Samsung is planning to now officially launch 450,000 units of the Note Fe, as opposed to 300,000 originally planned. The phone which was dubbed the best Android phone of it’s time, has a large fan base in Samsung’s home country where the phone will officially launch on the 7th of July with carrier plans. Pricing for the phone is expected at KRW 700,000 ($618, 552€ or Rs. 40,000 ).

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It is unclear whether the Note Fe will launch in other markets outside of South Korea, but it seems that India will be a potential market especially if the pricing can be right. Samsung never originally launched the Note 7 in India, making it a good opportunity for the Note Fe to make an appearance in India.

Would you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Galaxy Note Fe if the company would relaunch it, if yes, at what price ?


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