Shows to watch on Netflix India in 2017

Just subscribed a Netflix pack and wondering what to watch on Netflix India then you are at right place. We have made a list of the most awesome shows available on Netflix India right now. Have a look at our list and tell us in comments which show will you choose to watch first from this list of shows to watch on Netflix India.

This list contains some the best and popular shows in the world that are available now Netflix India. All of the shows in this list is in English. These are the some of the best of the Netflix worldwide.

  1. Stranger Things – IMDb 8.9

    Stranger things came in summer of last year and it caught much attention in its only first season. Stranger things is set in the 80s. A young boy of a small town named Will disappears and search for him reveals some extraordinary things happening in the woods by secret government experiments. Strange Things is the one of the best Netflix Original show.

  2. 13 Reasons Why – IMDb 8.5

    Another Netflix original based on the best seller book by Jay Asher. 13 Reasons Why is a story of high school girl Hannah Baker who commits suicide. Clay who had a crush on Hannah finds a mysterious box on his doorsteps after 2 weeks of the incident. The box contained 13 tape recordings of Hannah in which she explains why she committed suicide.

  3. House of Cards – IMDb 9.0

    House of Cards is political drama series, it is an adaption of BBC’s TV series of the same name. House of Cards is a story of a Democrat Frank Underwood, who just appointed as a secretary of state. After becoming secretary he initiates his plan to get himself in greater power with the help of his wife. This series is primarily a tale of power and manipulation.

  4. Daredevil – IMDb 8.7

    Daredevil is the one of the Marvel’s TV show in Marvel cinematic universe. This series set in events after the Avengers in New York. Matt Murdock who is an attorney at day and Daredevil at night fights with crime in Hell’s kitchen. Murdock loses his eyesight in early childhood by accident but his other senses have heightened after the accident. Daredevil is derived from comics of the same name. You will enjoy this series if you like superheroes but fed up with unrealistic scenes in movies.

  5. Narcos – IMDb 8.9

    Narcos is based on the real life events of the 80s Columbia. It is a crime drama that shows the efforts of the law enforcements to take down the drug cartels. Narcos revolves around Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Narcos is the one the must watch Netflix Originals.

  6. Suits – IMDb 8.6

    Suits is a legal drama series started in 2011. Mike Rose is a college dropout who gets hired as a law associate for New York’s one of the best lawyer Harvey Specter. Mike does not have any law degree but he is very talented. This duo has to manage to close cases while keeping Mike’s secret.

  7. Breaking Bad – IMDb 9.5

    Walter White, a highly qualified chemistry teacher diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and decide to make methamphetamine(meth) to earn extra money for his family and his medical bills. He partners with his former student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine. This series shows an impact of life threating diseases change the morality of a simple and hard working man.

  8. Rick and Morty – IMDb 9.3

    Rick, a genius, mad, alcoholic and careless scientist returns to earth after going missing from 20 years to move in his daughter Beth’s home. Rick and Morty is adult comedy cartoon with full of abusive words and weird scenes. This series is all about the misadventures of Rick and his grandson Morty in the intergalactic universe.

  9. Sherlock – IMDb 9.2

    Sherlock is the modern version of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective novels. Sherlock Holmes is a detective who helps Scotland yard to solve mysterious and unusual cases. Dr John Watson is a former soldier and his sidekick who shares his flat and helps him to solve cases. He calls himself as a high functioning sociopath and loves to get challenged by mysterious cases.

  10. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones is the another series in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Jessica, a former superhero lost her powers in a tragedy. She opens a detective agency in New York named as Alias Investigations. She is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Jessica wants to do good but her primary focus is not saving the world, she wants to save her apartment and get through her days. This a different kind of superhero story but still it is interesting.

We would love to hear from you about this list of Shows to watch on Netflix India. Tell us in comments which show do you like most on Netflix and it is on our list or not?

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