Source code & List of all Available Roms for le1s


LeEco which entered Indian market with the brand name Letv  achieved sky-rocketing sales. With all devices being getting sold out in seconds in the flash sale. The main reasons for this sky-rocketing sales were the great features at a great price. But people soon got fed up from LeEco as their were a handful of ROMS available for its devices. And the ROMS that were available didn’t had Fingerprint or Ir blaster etc working. This was the reason LeEco started receiving criticism. But no more criticism, as the source codes for LeEco devices are out. Now LeEco users can get bug free and Roms that have Fingerprint and IR sensor working!


Where you can get the source code?

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Now if you are a DEV and curious about where you can get the source code. We got you covered, just click here and download the source code for whichever device you want and start porting!

Soon the LeEco devices will get a lot of ROMS.

Till then you guys can check the existing ROMS(Letv le1s) with their PROS and CONS-

all rom download links for le1s
all rom download links for le1s

CyanogenMod 13



  • Secure
  • Light footprint
  • Bloat-free
  • Customizable
  • Open


As sources were just released when this post was written-

  • No Magnetic sensor.
  • IR blaster not working.
  • No FP sensor.
  • Camera is inverted.
  • NO VOLTE(and don’t expect it)


CM13 ROM(MEGA Link):!2p4QFRhZ!ZoL4SxZdf_dFUjkTdNfQM5rKVgM4LnJFTXIcfsufsWo
GAPPS: (Download arm64, 6.0)
Loud Speaker Fix(Flash this):
LED FIx(Flash this):

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  • Screen On Time: Around 5-5.5 hrs
  • Battery drain over 12 hours is almost 0 to 1 %(NO wifi, data or screen on)
  • Power of stock android.
  • Simplicity of stock android.


  • NO FP

Please note that this article is written hour after release of source code so, these aren’t available.

download links-

Rom –!nk4hGJiA!aQnWnO3fl0n1DFGlaHUWyYphvlLYqhDk7BJY6_PdMTY

Gapps – Go to and download for arm64.




  • Fast charge working
  • IR working


  • NO FP!

download link-!9oIlCIQR!L47ASsgqPzzzq8WnItRxyfUP_rNRaqduVuvAL3fsKXM

This ROM contains Gapps pre installed , so no need to flash them.




  • FP works
  • MM based


  • ROM is buggy
  • Gapps frequently crash
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This is by far the best custom ROM available. I am personally using this ROM.


  • Fast charge works
  • Totally STABLE
  • Highly customisable
  • Good batter backup.
  • 6 hour SOT.


Gapps- Get em from and download arm 64 android 5.0


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