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Change your WhatsApp number to a USA based one.

 After reading the title, many of you would have started thinking that I am a idiot or something but guys, Trust me it is true as is this earth and the pollution on it. Now guys, its not some super complex thing. Any person...

Xposed your Whatsapp to get these amazing features

whatsapp modules
Whatsapp evolved our life in the most effective way but sometimes we all feel like there should be something extra in it so heyaa guys capstricks.net back with a guide to teach you how to get extra feature on your whatsapp with this Xposed...

How to Get Assistant/Search Engine in WhatsApp

Hey Guys! Its Kavish from CapsTricks.net back with How to Get Personal Assistant/Wikipedia in What'sApp. As everyone know What'sApp is king of instant messaging apps, no matter how many competitors growing every day, whatsapp still famous among people. Google allo is fresh competitor, having lots...


How to use the Tor Browser to surf the web anonymously

heyaaa guyss capstricks.net back and this time intresting topic yep its about tor browser many of you guys know about tor browser and deep...

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