Google Photos – More than just Image backup service

Google photos is an image hosting service provided by the Google. It is very popular service to backing up photos to cloud. But Google photos is much more than just image backup service. It can do very much and has very incredible features available in it. Google photos are very convenient and easy to use. We can easily organize our all photos in  Google photos.

Google Photos – More than just Image backup service

Photo search

Google photos search


Google photos have amazing search option that you have never seen before anywhere. It actually searches inside photos and gives exact results for our queries.Google photos automatically arrange our photos by location and date of photo taken. Using its advance recognition and google’s large database of information, it can easily idenf=tify your search query. You can search things, contacts, places and much more.

Naming persons

Google photos identify same face in multiple photos and tell us to give that person a name. We can add names of our friends in it. So, later on, we can easily find their photos by just their names.

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Backup photos from other apps

google photos device folders


Google photos by default only back up our camera photos. We can add a folder which we want to backup in the ‘Device Folders’ menu. Select all the folders which you want to backup in Google photos.

Download your all photos at once

You can not directly download all your photos from google photos but there is a Google takeout option which you can use. Head over to google takeout and select Google photos content and it will zip you all data and you can download all your data from there.

Stories, Animations, and Collages

Google photos search

Google photos automatically create stories from your photos of any day or trip to somewhere. You can edit it and share with your friends with Google plus. Google photos also create animations and collage of the same type of photos.