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Hi everyone; today I’m back with another interesting post. I hope many of You have got the CynogenMod Rom (Or Some CM based ROMs; i.e. Resurrection Remix, blisspop, AICP etc etc and etc)  in your phone… But it’s just incomplete without some cool themes for the Theme Engine. And I’m here to help you to choose the perfect theme for your phone. This post is only for dark or Black themes lovers, I’ll add the opposite too within few days.

Now, let’s come to the main topic of to day. Top 6 dark themes for CM theme engine….

6. Dark Elegant UI

Maybe I have put it no 6, but it’s a great theme. Just give it a try.

This Theme is for Cm 12.x and Cm 13. And it’s a paid app.

Here is the Google Play Store link for this Theme.


5. Dark Holo

Xda thread for Dark Holo

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This is one of the best dark theme available on play store. You can surely imagine how much clean and perfect dark theme it is from the screenshots.

This theme is only for CM 12 and 12.1 based roms and it’s a paid theme.

Here is the Google Play Store Link, check it out.

Screen shots:

4.Dawn (Cm 12/13 Theme)

You wonder why this theme came 4th? Beacuse size matters…. You will never ever get another good dark theme in so much tiny size… I guarantee your.

This theme is for Cm 12.x and cm 13. And it’s a free Theme.

Here is the Google Play Store link for the Theme.



3. Felix

This theme is absolute beauty. I just love the notification bar and settings customization of this theme. Try it you will definitely love it.

 This theme is for cm 12 and 12.1 and it’s a paid theme.

Here is the Google Play Store link for this theme.

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2. Flux

It’s another amazing creation, perfect combination of black background and colourful icons. It has included a nice boot screen too.

This theme is for CM 12, CM 12.1, CM 13 and it’s Also a paid theme.

According to the Devlopers:

“Flux theme is designed with pixel perfect precision to give your phone a completely new modern look and feel! With high quality graphics and full of features, you will enjoy using your phone! ”

Here is the play store link, check it out.


1. Deep Darkness

Xda thread for Deep Darkness

The best dark theme in my view. A most complete Dark theme with a extremely beautiful Boot screen.

This theme is for CM 12, CM 12.1, CM 13; and the best thing is, it’s a free app.

According to the Devlopers:

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“Be on the dark side of Android with this beautiful premium material dark theme.

Starting as a little modification, mainly created for the custom rom “BlissPop”, this theme has grown up to a stand-alone CM12 theme, usable for every kind of device running CyanogenMod 12.”

Here is the Play Store Link, Check it out.

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