Have you ever wondered that how Facebook look like in past?  Most of the sites change their look often to make it beautiful, but sometimes it is nostalgic to go in past and see how the sites looked like some years ago.

Do you how Facebook look like in its early years. If no, then look at the following image:

Facebook.com in 2006

So you were wondering how we get this photo(obliviously it is taken at same when creating this post). We have discovered a time machine for the internet, it is called archive.orgThis is a website which collects all of the internet screenshots in their database according to dates. We can search any website in this and get a view of the past version of the website you searched.


How to use Archive.org

  • First of all, go to this website archive.org
  • It will look like this:

archive.org home page

  • Now type that website URL that you want to see on that search box called “enter URL or keyword
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facebool.com 2005

  • let’s try with Facebook, and see how Facebook was in back in 2005.
  • After inputting your website address site will redirect you to the calendar view page, in which some of the dates were selected with blue colour. Blue colour indicates that website has taken the photo of that website at that day.
  • Now select particular year and month and date that you want to see.

facebook 2005

  • Voila, now you are in the past! now you can see the snapshot of that page which has taken in the past.


 Some another use of  archive.org

  • if you want to read some article on some particular website, but you are getting an error like 404 page not found! then you can copy that URL of that page and past in archive.org and select any date from past and you will hopefully you will get the content 🙂
  • you can also check that how old the website is? or when the whatever.xyz is founded etc..
  • imagine if you love the content of the website but for some reason, that website is closed then also you can go to this website and you can even download a website from archive.org (google it to find out how to download :D)
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limitations of archive.org

Archive.org crawls is websites according to web-traffic any site is getting. So less popular site will not have many screenshots available. Also if you want to add your website to their database you can tell them.

Now explore this awesome website because this website has lots of more other cool features like old videos images books etc.

      Have a safe journey to the past 😉