What is USB Type-C?

Just now we have moved a point where everyone has same pin charger and forgetting charger at home is no issue, things are changing again.

In 2016, Apple ditched all ports and introduced its MacBook with only USB Type C ports. After that, most of the flagship smartphones of 2017 are also coming with type c charging connectors and so many users are not happy with this change but soon they will realize the power of USB type c connectors.

USB Type C cables are breaking the monopoly of Micro USB charging cables in smartphones. Again, the time has arrived when you will regret that you forget your charger at home.

But, why are these smartphone manufacturers are changing chargers again? Isn’t Micro USB was the best? Let’s understand what is type C cable and how it is different than Micro USB. But, first we need to know what are the total types of USB cables are there and what they can do and cannot do.

How many types are of USB?

Mainly there are three types of USB named as Type A, B, and C. Type A is our standard USB that is used to connect a mouse, keyboard, pen drives etc. Type B USB  has a square shaped connector, mainly used for larger computer devices like scanner and printers.

What is USB Type-C?

usb type-c sectional view

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USB type-c is 24 pin connector system which is unique by its rotational symmetric connector. USB Type-C is also unique because it can connect both host and devices which Type-A and Type-B cannot do. This double side 24-pin connector is 8.44mm in length which is slightly longer than micro-B connector.


What are its Advantages?

1. Small


macbook pro usb type-cLaptops are becoming thinner and standard type-A USB port will not be feasible on these laptops. The type-C connector is thickness so small that it can be used as charging port in smartphones. As we told MacBook Pro 2016 has only type-c ports because it is so thinner standard USB type-A would increase its thickness.


2. Connect anything

USB Type-C can connect anything from charge to display. In future type-C connector will standardize all ports, it can literally connect anything. Google pixel’s type-c connector can be used for USB sticks, charger port, headphone and much more. In nutshell, type C is future of connectors. 

3. Reversible

This meme feels relatable? Everyone has gone through this and it is so irritating. Not more because of type-c is reversible so you can plug from any side without worrying about the right side. A great relief isn’t it?


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3. High Power & Data Transfer

USB-C provides 100 watt which is more than enough to charge laptop which generally uses a 60-watt charger. Also, it is bi-directional so it either receives or sends power. It can deliver up to 10Gbps data. That’s how it could also connect the 4k display.

USB-C cable

4. Same connector on both sides

As we stated above it is bi-directional and power can flow both ways. If any laptop has more than one type-C port you can charge your laptop from any of those ports as we have seen in case of MacBook Pro 2016.

What are devices currently using with USB-C?

Currently, laptops and smartphones are majorly using type-C connectors for its versatility. Google Pixel 2 ditched headphone jack just because the type-c connector was able to handle the audio output. Some time ago Sandisk launched a USC-C stick and in near future, many more gadgets will start to adapt USB-C technology. Hence, if you are planning to buy any new gadget be sure that it has USB-C.


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