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Topic- Website speed test tools

Website speed test tools
Website speed test tools
Website Speed Test Tool

Why do you need to website speed test?

Google always rewarded sites that have very clean codes and loading very quickly.Google search engine includes website load speed as a new feature in search engine algorithm. For Better Google rank,Must need your website speed test as a regular basis.Website speed test tools

In 2010, Google thinks site speed is most important for better user experience and Changed their algorithm something very different. Suddenly Google released an announcement that website loading speed would begin having an impact on Google search ranking.

Now, the speed of website can make a vital role at which someone could view the content from a search result would be a factor.

Personally, I think Google make a right decision about includes website speed in Google search algorithm. Because A poor performing web page results in a poor user experience and poor user experiences must need less promotion in Google search results. But what is Google actually measuring site speed? And how does that play in Google search engine results?.

Unfortunately, Google has been intentionally unclear in which particular aspect of speed impacts search results what actually the exact definition of “site speed”.

But they have been quite clear what content relevancy between speed metrics and search ranking.

Why does Google care about website speed?


  • Provide better user experience
  • Give Priority Good performing website
  • Filter Well coded website


Website speed test tools

It’s a very important to analyze your website’s speed on a regular at least once in the month. Website speed increases ranking in faster pages result in greater customer engagement, user experience, retention, sales, and conversion.

Here I recommended are several great tools that can be used to analyze your website speed test:

WebPageTest is a free online tool supported by Google and allows running a free website speed test. This Tool displays the load time of your web page as 6 different performance ways.

It also provides waterfall charts that break down content, Page Speed optimization, make few suggestions for improvements and a page speed score out of 100.
One cool feature of WebPagetest is the ability to select the country from which want to run your test. This can be used to track how your website speeds vary across the world.

Page speed Insights is a Google’s free tool that grades your website’s performance.
While Page speed Insights won’t tell you details the actual load time of a specific web page, it will analyze various ways to improve your web’s speed and performance.

You will receive a perfect page speed score out of 100 and gave analysis both of desktop versions and mobile versions of your website.

GTmetrix also is a free tool that marks grades your web page speed.It will also analyze around 30 various ways to improve your web’s speed and performance. You will even see your website’s YSlow grade performance.

If, you create a free account you will able to track the history of your reports up to 5 websites.

Pingdom is an awesome website monitoring tools that offers completely free speed tests. This tools will display the load time of your website and provide you with a performance grade based on various important factors.

These tools are little difference than other but great for grading marks.

This tools test your website from 24 locations worldwide, including cloud-based tests (Amazon-US-East) and Great Firewall of China (Shanghai, China).

This free website speed test provides loading times, detect slow or missing elements, complete waterfall report, and nearly 2 dozen global location.

After checking your website speed using those tools find our error and fix your website for better Google search results.

hope you liked our list of  Website speed test tools 🙂


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