Last week Google unexpectedly released developer preview for the next version of the Android. Currently, it is code named as Android O but it will most likely to named as oreo as every major version of android is named after sweets. Up to now, we have Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop and Nougat.

Android O developer preview is only available for nexus and pixel phones right now and we have to manually flash the software to use it. This developer preview is not stable and not for daily use it contains bugs. It is for developers who wants to test their apps for the upcoming version. Most probably Google will release a stable version of android o in Google I/O which is in may.

What is new in Android O?

Android O will not be a major update and we will not see a major difference between Nougat and Android O. Android O is focused on improvement in the battery performance and custom notifications for the app developers. Let’s have a look at what are the new features of the android O.

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1. Notifications

  • Notification categories – Android O introduces user customisable notification categories in which app notifications will be shown according to their categories. It will be very helpful for those users which get too many notifications and it is easy to organise notifications.
  • Notification Snoozing – Users can snooze notifications to reappear at given time. It will be very useful for to-do and reminder notifications.
  • Notification timeout – Just like toast notification it will also disappear after fixed timeout, decided by an app in android O.

2. Autofill

Google chrome users know autofill, just like in chrome android O will also have autofill feature. We find it frustrating to fill every time details like username, email address and passwords to every app. Thus, this feature will be very beneficial who finds very frustrating to fill forms every time.

3. Picture in picture mode

Android O will allow apps to launch in a picture in picture(PIP)  mode. PIP mode is a special multi-window mode in which you can see an app’s content while using other apps. It is just like in YouTube app when video screen becomes smaller by a swipe and we can navigate in the app without pausing the video. This feature is mainly for the video players so you can do other things while watching a video.

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4.Smart Sharing

Android O will learn users sharing preferences and understands which app will be useful for that content. For example, if you take a selfie and tap share button it will show you social networking apps first and rest after that.

5.Cached data

Each app in android O will specific predefined quota for the cached data. If the system needs to free up space then it will free those app’s cached data which uses more data than their allocated quota. So, Every app developers will design their apps according to their cached data quota and it will save our disc space.

6. Fingerprint gestures

Many brands provide fingerprint gestures for different tasks but from android O all the device will have fingerprint gestures. Fingerprint gestures are very handy because provides security with ease of accessing apps with ease. Users can set directional swipe for the apps and alternate input gestures.


Tell us in comments what do you think of the new features of the latest version of Android.

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