When it comes to electronic book readers Kindle is the best option among all. Still, so many book lovers are not sure about buying Kindle because they had read a physical book since the childhood and they are confused about the concept of an e-book reader.

So, today I will give my Kindle Review and check that it is worth to switch over from physical books or not.

What is Kindle?

kindle-e book reader

The Kindle devices are e-book readers developed and sold by the Amazon. Kindle devices are used to read book, magazines, and newspapers. It has a special e-ink display that makes it different from any other tablet.

Kindle is only e-book reader so it will not disturb you by annoying notifications when you are fully immersed in your book world.


Kindle supports all major languages including regional Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Now that you know what are Kindle devices lets check what makes them better than books.


High visibility and glare-free e-ink screen

E-ink as the name, suggests that it is similar to the book ink display. This display is very less power consuming and it does not give any glare or reflection. Visibility of the screen is awesome and you can read in broad daylight.

Another major plus point of e-ink display is that it does not give any strain to your eyes so you can reads hours and hours without hassle. This display does not have a backlit display so it does not emit any light from the screen.

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So, Kindle needs a light source to read where sunlight is not available. Kindle PaperWhite and Kindle Voyage has in-built light but All new Kindle does not have a light so you need to keep your lights on at night or purchase a USB LED light.

Books availability and prices

Kindle india Books

There are more than 5 million books on Amazon Kindle store and increasing day by day. You will merely find a book that is not available if you search on Kindle store. All the Kindle books are cheaper than the paperback versions.

Kindle Store also has more than 30000 free e-books to start. Also, you can read a sample of every book before you buy it. Amazon also offers Kindle Unlimited plan in which you get more than 1 million books to read.

Reading experience

Reading on Kindle is much easier. It is easy to hold and lightweight. Inbuilt Oxford dictionary and vocabulary builder are worth to mention features that make reading book lot easier.

You just need to tap on any word and you get its meaning, Wikipedia information, and translation in another language.

Storage and Battery

Storage on Kindle will never be your problem because you will never have more than a thousand books in your Kindle and if you do you have also an option for cloud storage which is free. Imagine thousand books weight compare to Kindle. Kindle can be very helpful those who travel a lot and have to carry their high weighted books everywhere.

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The battery on the basic model of Kindle is about 1500 mAh but don’t go on its specification. It can last up to weeks with regular use. Fast charging is not supported but you will never go out of battery if you charge it an hour in every week.

Sync across all devices


Read whenever you want on any device you want. Kindle app is available on every major platform including Macbook, Android, ios, and windows. You can also read on the browser with Chrome app and website. You don’t have to remember which page you have left on which device, Kindle itself saves our last page and opens it in any device.

Kindle is also integrated with GoodReads so you can manage your GoodReads account and read your friend’s reviews about any book before you buy it. It makes book reading social.

Supported Book Formats

All Kindle books are in AZW formats. In addition to Kindle books, it also supports Mobi, TXT, pdf, HTML, PRC, doc, doc, JPEG, and PNG. However, it does not supports popular EPUB but you can always convert any book from EPUB to Mobi with services like CloudConvert.

You can also add your downloaded book and documents to your Kindle via USB cable.

Comparing all Kindles

 All new kindle

All New Kindle
Kindle PaperWhite

Kindle PaperWhite
Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage
Glare Free ScreenYesYesYes
Built-in Light
NoYesYes + Adaptive light Sensor
Page TurnsTouchscreenTouchscreenTouchscreen + PagePress
Screen size6"6"6"
Pixel Density167ppi300ppi300ppi
ConnectivityWi-FiWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3GWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G
Battery LifeWeeks on single chargeWeeks on single chargeWeeks on single charge
StorageMore than thousand booksMore than thousand booksMore than thousand books
Weight161gWi-Fi: 205g
Wi-Fi + 3G: 271g
Wi-Fi + 3G: 188g

Final Thoughts

Best Reading Device
  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Books availability and prices
  • Reading Experience
  • Pricing


Kindle is a pretty amazing gadget for the serious book lovers. It is totally worth to buy if you read at least 2-3 books a month. Owning Kindle saves your money and reading become more fun.

Buy Kindle on Amazon

If you have a limited budget and don’t mind to buy USB light to read in the night then All New Kindle I the best option for you.
Kindle PaperWhite is also a great option if you are a night owl and want to have lights in Kindle. It is the best device in the series. I do not recommend for Kindle Voyage because of it is a lot of money for just adaptive light sensor and PagePress buttons.

Buy Kindle on Amazon